Bakersfield, Calif-based Townsend Design announces that its Rebel Reliever knee brace was the focus of a recent osteoarthritis (OA) study by Stony Brook University.

The study, published earlier this year in Prosthetics and Orthotics International, suggests that OA patients who wore the brace experienced, on average, 36% reduction in the compressive forces on the knee.

Townsend Design CEO Rick Riley notes in the release that the researchers did baseline testing of each patient without a brace, and then replicated the testing after the patients had worn the brace for 2 and 8 weeks. There were statistically significant improvements between baseline and 2 weeks, and continued improvements after 2 months of use.

“Altering the decompressive forces reduced pain and enabled patients to walk farther. Patients actually increased their mobility while their surveys showed improvements in pain relief and quality of life,” Riley states in the release.

According to the company, the Rebel Reliever knee brace is its flagship product.

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[Source(s): Townsend Design, PR Newswire]