Healtheo360 and Medical Fitness Association announce the launch of a strategic partnership within their individual communities of the solutions available to patients looking for rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation facilities.

“The benefit is to the patient. Because MFA facilities have degreed, and certified professional staff trained to work with all manner of patients ranging from the apparently well to those living with many chronic conditions like Parkinson’s, arthritis, cancer, joint replacements, and everything in between, this partnership is going to be a great thing for our global community,” says healtheo360 Founder, and CEO David Duplay.

“Patients going through the journey of a chronic illness will have access to amazing, and caring staff that are highly trained in treating patients with their specific condition,” he adds.

Bob Boone, CEO of the Medical Fitness Association, concurs, stating, “We love the great work that healtheo360 is doing within the patient, and caregiver community, and we are pleased to be bringing our facilities to the attention of healtheo360’s global patient network to help people live with the best quality of life regardless of their state of health through exercise, nutrition, and health coaching.”

[Source(s): healtheo360, Medical Fitness Association, PRWeb]