Health savings account-based health plans provider HSA Health Plan, in partnership with wearable device provider Wellable, offers its members a wellness incentive plan to earn money for walking.

According to the incentive, HSA Health Plan members can earn $20 per month deposited into their HSA accounts by taking at least 8,000 steps in 20 or more days in the month.

The steps would be counted via the Wellable technology platform, which members can log into to monitor their progress toward their monthly goals.

All HSA Health Plan members will be provided with a Garmin vivoki so that individuals who do not have a device and prefer not to use a mobile app can participate, according to a media release from Wellable and HSA Health Plan.

“The technology platform is designed to allow health plans to customize and configure their program to the needs of their population and goals of their organization,” says Nick Patel, president of Wellable, in the release. “Each organization and population has unique needs, so flexibility in the solution at all levels of program design is critical.”

[Source(s): HSA Health Plan, Wellable, PR Newswire]