Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO) announces the recipients of the DL Hart Memorial International Research Award and the DL Hart Memorial International Research Grant.

Jason R. Rodeghero, DPT, PhD, OCS, AT, FAAOMPT, has received the DL Hart Memorial International Research Award to recognize his research to identify predictive characteristics related to patients with shoulder pain, and to restore shoulder function while reducing healthcare costs.

His study, “Risk Stratification of Patients with Shoulder Pain Seen in Physical Therapy Practice,” was published recently in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice.

“Shoulder impairments are among the most common conditions seen in outpatient physical therapy settings, consuming significant healthcare dollars,” says Al Amato, MBA, PT, co-founder and CEO of FOTO, in a media release.

Trevor A. Lentz, PT, PhD, MPh, from Duke Clinical Research Institute, has received the DL Hart Memorial International Research Grant for his proposal that seeks to reduce musculoskeletal pain and opioid abuse by developing an improved version of the OSPRO-YF measure.

Specifically, explains FOTO in a separate release, the project uses Item Response Theory (IRT) to improve OSPRO-YF measures of pain associated psychological distress like fear avoidance, negative mood, and positive affect/coping. The IRT-derived OSPRO-YF promises to provide insight into improving patient care and lowering healthcare costs with more precise and reliable estimates of psychological domain performance. When fully developed, the new OSPRO-YF measure could be incorporated into the FOTO Outcomes Management System.

“Musculoskeletal pain is a prevalent and costly health condition with far-reaching public consequences including chronic pain, disability, and opioid-related addiction,” Amato adds. “It is important to help clinicians detect and manage psychological factors to quickly identify better treatment approaches to support the goal of safely getting patients better, faster.”

FOTO’s research award and research grant programs honor Dennis Hart PT, PhD (deceased 2012) and recognizes medical practitioners and researchers who make notable contributions toward promoting quality and cost-effectiveness in healthcare.

[Source(s): Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, Business Wire]