eWellness Sets Up New Operating Structure

eWellness Sets Up New Operating Structure

eWellness Healthcare Corporation (EWLL), a physical therapy telehealth company that offers insurance reimbursable real-time distance monitored physical therapy treatments, announces a new corporate operating structure that will allow the company to immediately operate in 48 states.
The new operational structure provides for three individual professional operating companies in California, New Jersey and Florida. Via the Florida Professional Association (PA), EWLL can provision its telehealth services in 46 states, (excluding: California, Delaware, Kansas, and New Jersey).

Thus, the company formed two other professional companies in California and New Jersey. Eventually, it will form entities in Delaware and Kansas when the need arises.


Each professional company will execute a revocable operating agreement with EWLL, required by each individual state, wherein Darwin Fogt, MPT, EWLL’s CEO, is the sole shareholder, officer, and director of each of the operating companies. EWLL’s accounting team will supply all accounting services to these operating companies, the company explains in a media release.

The distance monitored physical therapy treatments the eWellness offers are made available via its PHZIO telehealth platform.

The company’s business model is to license the PHZIO platform to any physical therapy clinic in the United States and/or have large-scale employers use the PHZIO platform as a fully PT-monitored corporate wellness program, it notes in the release.

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