Casamba LLC, headquartered in Agoura Hills, Calif, announces its merger with Boston-based HealthWyse and Birmingham, Ala-based TherapySource (former therapy division of Source Medical).

HealthWyse provides EMRs for home health, hospice, and private-duty care. TherapySource provides clinical and billing solutions for outpatient therapy clinics. Together, they could help Casama LLC develop a comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) solution across the patient’s post-acute care continuum, according to a media release from Casamba LLC.

“We are pleased to join forces with HealthWyse and TherapySource to enhance our offering, and support current and future clients of all three organizations with superior software and services,” sats Ronnie Amrany, president and CEO of Casamba. “In this era of bundled payments, we will enable providers to optimize their delivery of care across the continuum, while tightening their revenue cycle.”

“HealthWyse is excited to be part of the Casamba vision for post-acute care EMR,” states HealthWyse CEO Graham Barnes. “Together we will realize an integrated pathway to post-acute care coordination, patient referral, and data flow for bundled payment and value-based purchasing.”

“Our healthcare clients need better systems and more integration,” adds David McMullen, chief therapy officer for TherapySource. “The combination of these three market leaders, working together, empowers us to drive revolutionary workflow innovation through a single platform.”

[Source(s): Casamba LLC, Business Wire]