Vori Health — a national, multidisciplinary medical practice focused on delivering evidence-based musculoskeletal and orthopedic care — announces a partnership with Allstate Benefits, a health and supplemental insurer.

By leveraging Allstate Benefits proactive care model, hybrid network, and clinical navigation, Vori Health aims to dramatically improve accessibility and outcomes while lowering healthcare costs for businesses and their employees.

“Musculoskeletal conditions can deeply impact someone’s quality of life,” said David Essary, president of Allstate Benefits and Allstate Health Solutions. “We believe our partnership will help more people get the medical care they need at an affordable price. By creating easy access to Vori Health’s skilled specialists, we hope to protect those seeking medical care and help them achieve their hopes and dreams.”

Vori Health provides virtual-first care through an evidence-based, physician-led care team. Its multidisciplinary treatment model for muscle and joint pain includes personalized non-operative medical care, non-opioid prescriptions, physical therapy, and healthy lifestyle coaching to support healing.

“Musculoskeletal and orthopedic issues are some of the most common conditions for individuals. Our partnership with Allstate Benefits allows us to increase access to comprehensive musculoskeletal care at a lower cost,” said Dr. Ryan Grant, founder and CEO of Vori Health.

The practice treats conditions including back, neck, knee, and shoulder pain. It provides a holistic diagnosis to patients, improves access to appropriate evidence-based care, reduces unnecessary surgery and imaging, and supports a faster recovery with improved outcomes.

[Source(s): Vori Health, PR Newswire]