A 2-month trial of the chronic pain management device Oska Pulse, in which members of the US Special Forces—specifically, the Navy SEALs—used the device along with physical therapy, suggests positive early results, according to the device’s developers.

The device’s developer—Oska Inc, DBA Oska Wellness—met recently with senior military personnel and therapists at a local military base to discuss the results, according to a media release from Oska Wellness.

“Initial feedback from these military personnel, many of whom experience pain such as ankle, back, shoulder, neck, and other muscular strains and sprains, have reported positive results from using Oska Pulse in relation to faster pain reduction when used in conjunction with traditional physical therapy,” notes Greg Houlgate, CEO of San Diego-based Oska Wellness, in the release.

“Other benefits such as improvements in sleep and reductions in phantom pain have been reported,” adds Oska Wellness COO/CFO Steve Collins. “From a welfare perspective, these are potentially life-changing outcomes and could have major implications for personnel experiencing PTSD-related conditions. We have provided independent, third-party research material to expand the study.”

The Oska Pulse features proprietary eTec technology that optimizes PEMF signals to deliver nutrients and oxygen to tissues and remove waste products. Via “Sequential Protocol Programming,” the device delivers four frequencies specifically related to muscle relaxation, bone repair, capillary dilation, and pain reduction, per the release.

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[Source(s): Oska Wellness, PR Newswire]