Visitors to the Blue Goji booth at SXSW try out the new Infinity treadmill.

Visitors to the Blue Goji booth at SXSW try out the new Infinity treadmill.

Blue Goji announces a partnership with Woodway USA to manufacture, service, and market Blue Goji’s Infinity treadmill.

The patented, virtual reality-enabled treadmill will also now feature Woodway USA’s patented mechanical slat belt design.

The Infinity treadmill is designed to allow for natural torso movement and tracking, bio-feedback, and interaction with various games. It is also designed for traditional training, conditioning, and rehab programs as well as game and virtual reality-infused versions for added benefits.

In addition to promoting fitness and health, Blue Goji and Woodway intend to collaborate with researchers and practitioners alike in active aging and neuro-therapy for patients suffering from various mental conditions, notes a media release from Blue Goji and Woodway USA.

Full disclosure: I’ve been a passionate client and fan of the Woodway Curve for almost 10 years! When we started the Infinity design process, I just assumed we would have access to the best mechanical slat belt design for its ‘buttery,’ low-impact feel and benefits. Imagine how excited I was when Woodway agreed to partner with us so that we could fuse two of the most original and innovative technologies together. We truly welcome and look forward to working with WOODWAY and creating more innovative products for years to come,” comments Coleman Fung, co-founder and chief executive officer of Austin, Tex-based Blue Goji, in the release.

“At Woodway USA, we are proud of our ability to innovate and optimize the treadmill experience. We are thrilled and honored to leverage our expertise for the Infinity treadmill, further extending our ability to impact and change the market,” adds Eric Weber, Woodway USA Inc’s director of sales and marketing.

The new Infinity treadmill will be commercially available in early 2019.

[Source(s): Blue Goji, Woodway USA, Business Wire]