Even PT clinics have dirty laundry, and now Miele USA launches a way to deal with it. Miele Little Giants washers and dryers, now available in North America, offer high-temperature disinfection with larger load capacities, faster cycle times, and touch display technology in a compact design.

Designed for medical, dental, and care facilities, Miele Little Giants washers and dryers offer short cycle wash programs (25-minute Express wash cycle), high temperature disinfection (up to 200°F) and high spin extraction (G-Force up to 704Gs).

Additional features include larger capacity (18 lbs), improved efficiency and automated specialty cleaning programs; superior disinfection and fabric care in a high-efficiency, compact system; as well as Miele’s patented Honeycomb Drum, which has been redesigned to ensure better wetting and drenching of textiles and improved dewatering in the spin cycle. In addition, the Little Giants dryer has been named to the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient list in 2020, according to Miele in a media release.

Little Giants Washer at-a-glance:

  • M Touch Flex user interface (no buttons or dials)
  • 19-gallon drum size (18 lb. capacity)
  • 49-minute Cotton 140F program (with HW connection)
  • 25-minute Express wash cycle
  • 50+ programs; 5 customizable
  • High temperature disinfection programs (up to 200°F)
  • High spin speed – G Force up to 704 g
  • Cap Dosing
  • Bearing designed for 30,000 operating hours
  • Stackable or Side-by-Side configuration
  • 96-hour delay start

Little Giants Dryer at-a-glance:

  • Heat pump dryer technology rated Energy Star Most Efficient
  • M Touch Flex user interface (no buttons or dials)
  • 34-gallon drum size (18 lb. capacity)
  • 35 programs; 5 customizable
  • FragranceDos capable
  • 4D filtration system
  • Stackable or Side-by-Side configuration

“The importance of disinfection and hygiene has never been clearer for health and wellness businesses reliant on service textiles, fabrics and garments. With our most versatile, efficient and technologically advanced laundry system to date, the new Little Giants machines bring over 120 years of Miele design innovation and product excellence to the widest array of customers to date. This is the ultimate solution for all laundry demands and offers an unmatched combination of fabric protection and energy efficiency.”

— Glenn Liacouras, Managing Director, North America Business Unit Professional, Miele Inc

For more information, visit Miele USA.

[Source: Miele USA]