According to a media release from Vicon, the University of Mount Union, located in Alliance, Ohio, has installed a Vicon motion capture system into its new Motion Analysis Laboratory.

This installation—composed of Vicon T-series cameras and Nexus 2 software integrated with force plates, EMG systems, and other components—is in preparation for the new Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program, which the university intends to launch in fall 2016, the release notes.

Research at the university’s motion analysis laboratory will reportedly focus on pre- and post-surgical alterations in knee and hip joint replacements, gait analysis, motion capture, and the sensory system. According to the media release, the motion capture system will allow information about a movement’s speed, direction, force, and muscular activity to be represented diagrammatically, enabling the original image of the movement to be superimposed on a represented skeletal system created from the image data.

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[Source: Vicon]