U.S. Orthopaedic Partners (USOP), a full-service, integrated orthopaedic care platform that provides the full continuum of musculoskeletal treatment to patients in the Southeastern US, announces plans for expanding their network.

USOP is a Management Service Organization (MSO) that partners with private orthopaedic practices in their service region to grow and diversify clinical offerings. USOP has experienced significant growth through the addition of six partnerships since its inception and has welcomed a number of new doctors to its care platform, according to a news release.

“By adding new doctors to our partner practices, we are able to satisfy increased patient demand and build out the full spectrum of musculoskeletal services. This has been a key factor in our growth strategy. Since our inception in 2020, we have found success in this process and look forward to bringing our quality care to more communities that would benefit from our services.” 

— Dr. Louis McIntyre of U.S. Orthopaedic Partners

USOP works with partner practices to identify clinical needs and seeks the best doctors to fill those areas of demand. An advantage for the MSO is the ability to recruit from four fellowship programs, which train 18 physicians and surgeons each year. The following are growth highlights for USOP:

  • The Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center signed with USOP in October 2020 with 18 orthopaedic surgeons. Over the past year, the center added two respected board-certified pain management specialists, Dr. Carroll McLeod and Dr. Jeremy Smitherman. They also added a fellowship-trained total joint surgeon, Dr. Matthew Young. In 2023, the group plans to hire a new spine surgeon. 
  • Oxford Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine partnered with USOP in February 2021 with three orthopaedic surgeons. They are projected to add a spine surgeon in 2022 and a total joint surgeon by 2023. 
  • The Orthopaedic Institute of North Mississippi signed with USOP in June 2021 with six orthopaedic surgeons. This past year, they added Dr. Elizabeth Gibson, a fellowship-trained hand surgeon, and Dr. Jeb Williams, a fellowship-trained total joint surgeon. 
  • Northern Alabama Bone and Joint Clinic signed with USOP in July 2021 with seven orthopaedic surgeons. A new pain management physician is expected to join them in 2022, and in 2023, the group is planning to bring on a new spine surgeon. 

“We are excited for the growth we’ve experienced and look forward to welcoming more doctors to our network, who will help us evolve with the needs of our communities and help fulfill our vision of being a comprehensive provider for patients seeking high quality, valued-based care,” McIntyre adds.  

[Source: U.S. Orthopaedic Partners]