Dr. Edward Irvin Stout, PhD, CEO and founder of Southwest Technologies Inc (SWT), as well as the inventor of Elasto-Gel technology, passed away on September 15, the company announces.

Established in 1981, SWT manufactures Elasto-Gel as well as other wound care, scar management, hot/cold therapy, and cushioning products.

According to the company on its website, Stout was nominated for the Who’s Who for several years and was named International Man of the Year in 2001 for his developments in wound care products. He also held numerous patents and was guest speaker and many state, national, and international professional healthcare symposiums.

Anyone who wishes to commemorate Dr Stout’s passing is asked to consider making a contribution to the Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering, to continue the research in Wound Care and Regenerative Medicine.

The address is as follows:

Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering
Attention: Dr Chandan Sen
975 W Walnut St
Indianapolis, IN 46202

[Source: Southwest Technologies Inc]