Luna will deliver in-home, in-person outpatient physical therapy for Powerback Rehabilitation across key strategic markets. 

Luna, a leading provider of in-home, in-person physical therapy, today announced a collaboration with Powerback Rehabilitation (Powerback), one of the nation’s largest rehabilitation therapy providers, to deliver in-home, in-person outpatient physical therapy together across key strategic markets. 

“Today’s challenges in healthcare and demographic shifts in the aging population have fueled our service evolution, including this collaboration with Luna,” says Carl Shrom, CEO of Powerback Rehabilitation. “As the two leading companies in outpatient, in-home, in-person physical therapy, our combined approach will address these challenges at scale by delivering greater access to in-home therapy, which will help more patients get their power back.”

Powerback Rehabilitation provides comprehensive rehabilitation services (physical, occupational, and speech therapy) and wellness services in approximately 1,400 locations across the United States and has over 1,000 home health relationships. Through the partnership, the Powerback Rehabilitation To You in-home service line, which provides high-quality, personalized rehabilitation therapy in the safety and convenience of patients’ homes, will expand their physical therapy service areas with licensed Luna physical therapists. The collaboration will also expand to in-home occupational therapy and speech therapy later this year.

Unlike remote or virtual care, Luna’s licensed physical therapists provide 1:1 hands-on care from the convenience of the patient’s home. The service is covered by most major insurances with the same co-pay cost as facility-based care.

“Luna’s in-home, in-person physical therapy, together with the scale of Powerback, makes for an enviable combination,” says Palak Shah, co-founder and head of clinical operations at Luna. “This will result in greater geographic coverage for Powerback, along with access to Luna’s thousands of therapists, which will improve patient experience and recovery.” 

Based on specialty, geography, schedule, and other factors, Luna will match Powerback patients with local therapists at the time and location of their choosing. For consistency of care, the same therapist will treat Powerback Rehabilitation patients for the entirety of the treatment plan from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, Powerback patients and therapists will be able to communicate with each other and discuss care needs between visits via the Luna Physical Therapy app