ConcentricLife, a promotional health and wellness platform now part of Accenture Song, has announced its project sponsorship for the Harvey Mudd College Clinic Program. The Clinic Program has a 60-year history of pioneering collaboration between education and industry to build leadership and impact society.

Together, ConcentricLife and Harvey Mudd College students will address the challenge of disrupted and limited access to desperately needed physical therapy due to a shortage of physical therapists in the healthcare workforce, a situation worsened by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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In 2021 alone, approximately 22,000 physical therapists left the healthcare workforce; in total, 49,100 positions need to be filled to adequately address the growing demand for physical therapists in the coming years. Research shows that adolescents shy away from physiotherapy for a multitude of reasons, including being dependent on rides to attend appointments and finding the exercises boring, painful, or generally unenjoyable. In the face of these challenges, the yearlong Clinic project will tackle the associated issues of lack of access and adherence to make physical therapy more accessible, enjoyable, and interesting to younger patients.

“We are thrilled to be working with ConcentricLife on this project, which has the potential to improve outcomes for children needing physical therapy,” says Colleen Coxe, assistant vice president for sponsored research and projects at Harvey Mudd College. “Harvey Mudd College’s Clinic program allows students to understand how to apply their skills in a client-based situation that relies on teamwork, communication and professionalism, and engaged sponsors like ConcentricLife are key to successful results.”

The partnership is an extension of the agency’s Health Fix initiative, a commitment to improving the health experiences of those who aren’t getting the support they need and deserve. Past projects have included fundraising to develop an effective screening tool for ovarian cancer, enabling young children to afford prosthetics to restore their mobility, and bringing urgent ambulance care to rural communities in Zimbabwe.

“The Health Fix is one of the initiatives that most embodies the real purpose of ConcentricLife,’ says ConcentricLife co-founder and CEO, Ken Begasse. “We have assembled a team of people who are passionate about solving real-world health problems, and this year are proud to partner with the students at Harvey Mudd College to make a difference for an under-served population.”

“I am endlessly inspired by our team at ConcentricLife, whose unwavering passion fuels our mission to elevate the health experience for all,” remarked Ana Sastre, director of diversity, equity, and inclusion. “The Health Fix empowers every employee with a platform to propose transformative initiatives, fostering a collective commitment to support and improve health experiences. I am genuinely thrilled to witness the profound impact of this collaboration on a very important community. Together, we inspire change and create a healthier, brighter future for all.”

Photo: Dreamstime