MedHab, LLC, a company focused on the development of healthcare technology to customize physical therapy, will present the RPM2 (Remote Performance Measurement/Monitoring) at the 7th International Conference on Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA), according to a Bio News Texas news release. Johnny Ross, inventor of the RPM2 and president and CEO of MedHab, will conduct the presentation and product demonstration on May 29 in Rhodes Island, Greece.

The presentation will discuss MedHab’s remote technology and how it aids in the development of personalized physical therapy programs for patients. RPM2, a subsidiary of MedHab, offers a device that helps coaches and athletes determine bilateral equivalence of the legs by examining and compiling data about range of motion, gait, and four-quadrant foot pressure of athletes. In September of 2013, RPM2 released a new athletic training performance enhancement product, as indicated on the Bio News Texas news release.

Ross states that athletes who use the RPM2, “will have a significant advantage in optimizing their performance, and patients undergoing physical therapy may recover more quickly.”

The Bio News Texas news release notes that Ross will also provide a product demonstration of the smart insole tracking system while explaining how the device provides detailed measurements of the lower extremities, in addition to actionable and personalized feedback on a patient’s data.

Source: Bio News Texas