Healthpointe Medical Group announces the release of a new website dedicated to providing patients with key information and research in regard to the Functional Restoration Program it offers for people who are experiencing chronic pain.

The Functional Restoration Program, led by Levon Margolin, PhD, and Roman Shulze, MD, uses an integrated, bio-psycho-social approach to help patients improve their overall quality of life. Its goals are to help patients increase activities of daily living, improve physical functioning, facilitate return to work, decrease emotional suffering, decrease pain, and decrease pain medication.

In addition, the Functional Restoration Program is designed to steadily wean patients off of opioid medications, while improving chronic pain coping skills, according to a media release from Healthpointe.

“I’m excited to be expanding upon our clinic’s pain management program,” says Healthpointe’s Dr Ismael Silva, in the release. “The Functional Restoration Program will provide a huge leap forward in patient recovery. I trust that under Dr Margolin and his team’s caring hands, the lives of many patients will be greatly improved.”

[Source(s0): Healthpointe, PRWeb]