Compression and cold therapy products provider Game Ready launches the social media campaign “New Year, New Recovery Game Plan,” comprising strategies that athletes, parents, and rehabilitation professionals can use to help improve their recovery and rehab.

As part of the campaign, a tip will be shared across all of Game Ready’s social media channels every day during the month of January. Some of these tips will include video content.

Subscribers can also choose to receive daily tips via email.

“Injured athletes want to return to action as soon as possible, but they must be diligent with their recovery so that they are maximizing the healing process without rushing back too quickly,” says Craig Grabell, president and CEO of Game Ready, in a media release.

“Game Ready has years of experience helping athletes and patients speed up the recovery process, and our new campaign delivers some of our best tips to people who want to enjoy a healthy and successful 2018 in their chosen endeavors,” he adds.

[Source(s): Game Ready, PR Newswire]