In a recent company news release, Biodex Medical Systems Inc announced that it has formed a Preferred Vendor Partnership between itself and Concussion Health. The release states that the partnership is intended to forge a symbiotic relationship, combining education and balance assessment to follow best practices in the management of concussion, including testing and rehabilitation.

The blend of Biodex Balance Assessment with Concussion Health education aims to enable practitioners to be better able to understand the rehabilitation component of a concussion program, become a recognized Certified Concussion Provider, and offer a comprehensive program for concussion management.

Don Gronachan, vice president, Physical Medicines Sales, explains that Biodex’s goal “in entering this partnership with Concussion Health is to provide our customers both the assessment and the education on how to take the findings from an assessment and put them into a comprehensive care plan, so they may become the premier concussion rehabilitation facility in their area.”

Biodex manufactures testing and rehabilitation balance devices built to measure the elements of balance before and after an injury occurs. The company’s Balance System SD and portable BioSway are engineered to provide detailed summary and progress reports to assist in tracking recovery and provide quantitative data to help with the return-to-play decision.

Concussion Health offers users Web-based tools designed to support best practices in concussion management, setting education as its cornerstone. Once users have successfully completed the series of videos and online examination by Concussion Health, they will receive a competency-based certificate. The release reports that the course content is approved by the Board of Certification for athletic trainers and in the majority of states for physical therapists. Additionally, Concussion Health has a Scientific Advisory Team featuring a range of concussion experts to emphasize the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in concussion management.

According to the release, with the purchase of a Biodex balance device, a facility becomes eligible for registration to become Concussion Health certified at no extra charge.

[Source(s): Biodex Medical Systems Inc, Concussion Health]