Best In Class MD (BICMD), a provider of orthopedic expert medical opinions, has partnered with Vori Health, a virtual-first medical practice offering integrated and progressive non-operative musculoskeletal (MSK) care nationwide. The partnership, built on bidirectional client referrals, creates a fully comprehensive offering that spans the care continuum and advances the next generation of digital MSK health.

BICMD facilitates remote first and second opinions with an elite network of fellowship-trained expert medical doctors (MDs) on a URAC-accredited web-based platform. “57% of the time our MDs are recommending non-operative care as the best course of treatment, and oftentimes our clients require conservative care post-operatively,” said Benedict Nwachukwu, MD, MBA, co-founder and co-CEO of BICMD. “Physical therapy and non-operative recommendations, therefore, are an important part of our equation and the bigger picture. Being able to control the quality of care provisioned outside the surgical care pathway through a trusted partner like Vori is invaluable.”

On the opposite end of the MSK care continuum, Vori refers patients to BICMD for surgical evaluation when conservative care is either not appropriate, or has been exhausted. “When evidence-based surgery is an option, referring our patients to the world-renowned surgeons at BICMD is the obvious choice,” said Mary O’Connor, MD, founder and Chief Medical Officer of Vori Health. “BICMD physicians expertly apply evidence-based guidance and our patients gain a tremendous understanding of the treatment options available to them. Having confidence and knowledge that a recommended orthopedic procedure is the right decision makes all the difference for outcome and patient satisfaction.”

Vori Health deploys a biopsychosocial model to evaluate MSK conditions and create customized care plans including physical medicine and rehabilitation care, physical therapy, prescriptions, imaging & lab ordering, health coaching, nutritional guidance, community support, and premium instructional content. The team consists of carefully selected, board-certified physicians and licensed healthcare providers and provides virtual services that are accessible nationwide from the comfort of a patient’s home.

BICMD has a national network of over 175 musculoskeletal providers and aims to improve the quality and appropriateness of care by ensuring that expert medical advice is at the center of care delivery. BICMD’s innovative telehealth platform creates a digital front door providing direct access to the nation’s elite medical minds.

[Source(s): Best in Class MD, Business Wire]