ATI Foundation launches ATI Team Forward to assist ATI team members through hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ATI Team Forward is a grant program created to help ATI Physical Therapy team members through a variety of unforeseen difficulties and hardships created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund was made possible by ATI’s executive leadership team who donated a generous portion of their salaries, along with donations from its Board of Directors and Advent International, a media release from ATI Foundation explains.

“The ATI Foundation was started and supported by team members of one of the nation’s largest physical therapy service providers – ATI Physical Therapy. The Foundation understands that for ATI to effectively carry out its mission to take care of others, it must also take care of its own,” says Cedric Coco, Chairman & President, ATI Foundation, in the release.

“In these unparalleled circumstances brought on by COVID-19, the Foundation felt it was time to expand our focus to assist members of the ATI family going through hardships and difficulties, as well.”

Created as a way for ATI team members and patients to give back to their communities, the ATI Foundation has provided help and hope to children in local communities since 2003.

[Source(s): ATI Foundation, Business Wire]