Avô Transportation and Language Solutions has developed and launched an app for its traditional provider network designed to improve the landscape of workers’ compensation transportation and translation services. According to the company, this platform mirrors the efficiency, reliability, and transparency found in Avô’s ride-share solutions to cater to the complete needs of workers’ compensation payers and patients. 

Optimizing Coordination

“The Avô app is designed to optimize the assignment process for transportation and language providers in our traditional network, including specialized vehicles, long-distance trips, and interpreter services,” says President Fred Schafer. “By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Avô ensures prompt communication and seamless coordination among payers, patients, and providers.”

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When a claims representative initiates an assignment, the app triggers real-time push notifications to drivers and interpreters in the network. Providers respond with their availabilities and, once selected, the app syncs appointment details to the providers’ calendars. Simultaneously, it sends appointment information via text to workers’ comp patients and notifies claims representatives, streamlining the entire process from start to finish, according to the company.

Improved Data and Invoicing

“Our app significantly reduces processing time upfront, while providing invaluable data analytics, including precise arrival times and assignment durations,” Schafer adds. 

Additionally, the company says the app addresses the persistent challenge of delayed invoicing by generating and sending invoices immediately upon assignment completion for timely and accurate billing. 

Reducing Loss Time

“We understand the critical importance of enabling workers’ comp patients to attend medical appointments and comprehend vital information for their recovery,” Schafer says. “Our technology, exemplified by this app, is dedicated to facilitating successful transportation and language service assignments, thus helping reduce the loss time associated with workers’ compensation claims.”

About Avô

Established in 2015 and headquartered in Cocoa, Florida, Avô provides transportation and language services to workers’ compensation carriers, government entities, third-party administrators, and employers. 

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