Maj. Danielle Anderson of the United States Air Force is the first and currently only official physical therapist NASA has ever chosen to incorporate into their team, reports the Colorado State University Collegian

Because of her military physical therapy training, she developed a unique set of skills and passion when it comes to providing care to those committed to protecting our country — so much so that she was selected by the consultant head of the Air Force PT to be detailed into working her current position as the first (currently only) physical therapist at NASA.

She said the Air Force has been very forward-thinking about the future of potential space flight and wants to ensure physical therapists are properly trained and prepared to treat within the space force community.

“We’re constantly learning new ways to optimize human performance both in space flight as well as post-flight conditioning,” Anderson said. “Every day here is different. I support care across the continuum of prevention of injury to rehab of injury and then to returning back to flight status as our astronauts return home.”

[Source: Colorado State University Collegian]