TurningPoint Healthcare Solutions unveils TurningPoint Digital Joint and Spine, a musculoskeletal (MSK) management platform moving care management upstream, deepening patient access and support, and allowing risk-bearing entities like employers and health plans to streamline complete condition risk with a single partner.

Historically, attempts to manage the rising costs associated with complex specialties like MSK have come through one-off utilization management programs or member engagement platforms that aren’t fully integrated with one another across the member journey. This results in mismanaged and uncoordinated care, frustrated patients and providers, and missed opportunities to manage cost and improve outcomes across the entire condition. With the launch of TurningPoint Digital Joint and Spine, TurningPoint offers an industry-leading solution that spans the entire patient journey from diagnosis through recovery, while managing full condition-specific spend for our partners.

“TurningPoint is integrating full clinical and operational risk management across the entire patient journey to improve the safety, quality, and affordability of care. Our complex condition management solutions are backed by insights from our world-renowned team of clinicians and supported by data insights from the over 30 million members we manage across the country on behalf of employers and health plans today” says Eric Pezzi, CEO of TurningPoint Healthcare Solutions. “We’re leading the industry away from disconnected, high-cost healthcare models in favor of holistic, value-based care delivery. Best of all—through revolutionary programs like Digital Joint and Spine, we’re bringing our clinical expertise directly to the patient, wherever they are.

TurningPoint will be launching future expansions of TurningPoint Digital to cover other complex specialties, demonstrating a commitment to transforming value-based care delivery.

“The reach of this program goes far beyond utilization management as a cost containment strategy. This represents a monumental shift in how care can and should be delivered, with a focus on the patient, quality, and affordability. With this member-facing program, we’re taking a complex issue that has existed in U.S. healthcare for decades and tackling it head-on,” says Dr. David Halsey, Chief Clinical Officer of TurningPoint Healthcare Solutions. “We’re thrilled to offer personalized member engagement as part of our broader suite of solutions to help break down long-standing silos and enable care management for the entire patient journey.”

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