OPTP, Minneapolis, introduces the Resistance Band Wall Anchor, developed by physical therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck. It comprises a set of three clips for securely attaching resistance bands to a wall, allowing the user to perform a variety of exercises.

The clips are attached into a wall stud for sturdy support, ensuring they won’t slip during exercise and accommodating a pull force of 800 pounds per clip. Each clip features three attachment points that securely hold resistance bands or tubes in place for use in general fitness, high intensity training, cardio, core strengthening, physical therapy, prehab, and stretching.

Installing the clips at lower, middle, and upper positions provides users with a variety of different angles for a wide range of movements, letting them target specific areas of the body such as hamstrings, glutes, abdominals, chest, back, shoulders, arms, and more.

Each Resistance Band Wall Anchor kit consists of three wall clips, a Sanctband resistive band, an exercise poster, access to online exercise videos, screws for installation, and installation instructions.

[Source: OPTP]