The TRX Home2 System, new from functional training equipment manufacturer TRX, features adjustable foot cradles, curated workouts, and in-ear audio coaching and fitness tracking via the new TRX App.

The system brings heightened customization to TRX’s Suspension Trainer, and works dynamically in combination with the TRX App.

The TRX App is equipped with 80+ workouts across a wide breadth of modalities, including Suspension Training, Cycling, Running, Yoga and High Intensity-Interval Training (HIIT). The app works with most major wearables to access users’ biometric data, including heart rate, speed, and distance, notes a media release from TRX.

The TRX App, available on iTunes, Google Play, and the Samsung Store, is designed to utilize the biometric data, audio coaching, and cueing to actually listen, adapt, and interact with the individual user. It also features a scheduling function allowing users to plan workouts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

[Source(s): TRX, PR Newswire]