AliMed, headquartered in Dedham, Mass, markets that SoftPro Grip Orthosis, built to provide users static therapy for support, protection, and positioning while treating non-fixed contractors linked to immobility. The company’s website notes that the product can also be adjusted to provide progressive extension therapy by bending the splint to accommodate flexion, extension, radial/ulnar deviation, and wrist drop.

The SoftPro Grip Orthosis is designed to support the wrist in the desired position and can be progressively brought back toward neutral. Its base palmar bar is engineered to fit comfortably into the palm of a fisted hand. The two palmar rolls, each with their own covers, are intended to allow the same splint to be used comfortably for moderate to severe finger contractures. Foam underneath can be removed to reduce web space if necessary.

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[Source: AliMed]