Reflexion Health builds upon its Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA) platform for post-acute care physical therapy with the addition of VERAHome and VERAClinic.

While the first generation of VERA was designed to improve patient adherence to home therapy exercises, the new VERAHome and VERAClinic feature significant additions in education, information management, and workflow to allow for more comprehensive episode management. The enhancements also include a much smaller and lighter home-based technology kit that can be shipped anywhere throughout the United States, according to Reflexion Health in a media release.

For patients, VERAHome offers enhanced educational tools to help prepare them before, during, and after surgery. It also allows for self-reported check-ins to report any unusual or unanticipated questions or concerns. It also includes multi-language capability, starting with Spanish.

For clinicians, VERAClinic helps them review the progress of their patients on predicted trajectories of recovery, and more easily identify and triage those few patients who may need additional intervention. It can also incorporate telemedicine visits or even in-person evaluation in the clinic.

“Patients using the VERA system have dramatically increased adherence to their treatment regimen, experience fewer in-person visits to the hospital or PT clinic, and rave about how much they love the on-demand convenience that saves them time, steps, and money,” says Joseph Smith, MD, PhD, chief executive officer, Reflexion Health, in the release.

“With this next-generation set of additions to our platform, VERAHome and VERAClinic, we have taken advantage of every opportunity to use patient-specific data and user feedback to offer an entirely fresh, engaging, convenient, efficient, and effective experience for patients and treating clinicians.”

[Source(s): Reflexion Health, PR Newswire]