ProtecSpine North America announces it is now the exclusive distributor of the Protec Floating Manipulative Therapy (FMT) system for all of North America.

According to the Roselle, Ill-based company, Protec FMT is a gravity-based therapeutic system for neck, back, and shoulder pain that uses the patient’s own body weight to prevent overstretching of the painful areas of the neck or back.

Floating Manipulative Therapy, a media release from the company explains, enables a reduction of spinal pressure upon suspending the lower body as well as stretching the cervical region, thus providing a significant reduction in intervertebral disc pressure and pain.

The Protec FMT system can be used in conjunction with hip joint/pelvic exercises, leg/hamstring exercises, Williams’s flexion, and McKenzie’s extension exercises, and allows the physician to employ mobilization, exercises, and stretches while the patient is experiencing spinal decompression at the same time, notes the company’s website.

[Source(s): ProtecSpine North America, PR Newswire]