SmarterLife Products LLC launches Push Up Stands, designed with the ability to rotate.

According to the Steamboat Springs, Colo-based company, the rotating action combination in the push up stand helps improve the ergonomics of the standard push-up by placing the wrists in a neutral position, eliminating strain on the wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

The rotating action also engages more muscle groups in the arms and biceps, and increases engagement of the core, per a media release.

Available in the SmartSport Push Up Stand Set are a steel ball bearing system that ensures smooth, measured rotation; a nonslip base for stability; wide contoured handles for comfort and even weight distribution; and a 400-pound weight capacity. A bonus eBook is also included.

For more information, visit SmarterLife Products LLC.

[Source(s): SmarterLife Products LLC, PRWeb]