The Dynamic Ankle Rehabilitation Trainer (DART), developed by Scott Rogoff, PT, DPT, OCS, is designed to help strengthen and rehabilitate the ankle postinjury.

Immediately after an injury, the DART is used to help position the ankle to perform resistance exercises, by indicating exact movements to create specific angular resistance for targeted strengthening.

When the patient is ready for functional strengthening exercise, the DART converts to a proprioception device (balance board).

Rogoff developed the DART in conjunction with The Innovation Institute and its Innovation Lab team, located in Newport Beach, Calif.

“With the help of the Lab team, I was able to develop the Dynamic Ankle Rehabilitation Trainer (DART), a device that is shaping up to be an effective and convenient strengthening tool, according to our early biofeedback studies,” states Rogoff in a media release.

The DART is currently in the prototype stage, according to Rogoff, who has more than 15 years’ experience rehabilitating ankle injuries.

Next up are clinical feedback and a proof-of-concept study, followed by the selection of manufacturers and distributors.

[Source: The Innovation Institute]