SyncThink announces that it has been granted US Patent 15/967,440 for its EYE-SYNC brain health assessment tool.
This patent, the 14th for SyncThink, is designed to allow the company to assess a person’s attention, measured through online eye tracking, to change content and the rate of content delivery in accordance to the person’s attention level.

The patent will broaden the application of EYE-SYNC technology through the use of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (XR) environments, suggests the Palo Alto, Calif-based company in a media release.

“Eye tracking is a foundational technology that has the potential to dramatically improve the way we experience content. By using eye tracking analytics to precisely measure attention, the user will automatically receive the right content at the pace optimized for them – this benefits both the creator and the receiver,” says SyncThink CEO Laura Yecies.

SyncThink currently maintains 12 additional US patents and one European patent in the eye tracking analytics and the VR hardware space, ranging from techniques for improving cognition and motor timing, to eye tracking headset design for visual impairment testing in the assessment of brain health.

It also received Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA this year recognizing that EYE-SYNC has the potential to solve an important unmet need for providing objective measurements to aid in the assessment of concussion, the release continues.

“People naturally manage and react to attention when interacting with each other. Our devices could be so much more responsive and respectful if given access to the same cognitive cues,” states Daniel Beeler, CTO of SyncThink.

This new patent will allow SyncThink to advance the evolution of its proprietary technology to capture more intuitive and realistic interactions involving human attention. By doing so, unique content can be created and delivered to measure how information is consumed, and changed based on the types of interactions occurring in order to identify and optimize different states of attention, the company suggests.

SyncThink has previously announced granted patents for dynamic content creation based on eye gaze attention analysis, and recently partnered with XR and spatial computing leader Magic Leap to develop a next gen eye tracking platform for future brain health initiatives.

[Source: SyncThink]