Carlsbad, Calif-based company Breg,Inc recently introduced its FreeSport™ knee sleeve and wrap, designed for athletes with mild to moderate discomfort, patella mal-tracking, and related injuries such as “runner’s knee.”

The knee sleeve and wrap feature breathable, ultralightweight Smart-Zone™ compression fabrics engineered to direct moderate compression for anatomic support where needed, and light compression over the patella and the popliteal space at the back of the knee for a nonbinding fit. A company news release notes that the buttress, comprised of the viscoelastic material Sorbothane™, is built to offer lateral support and containment for the kneecap to keep it securely in place. Incorporation of Sorbothane allows the buttress to mold the kneecap to create a more personalized, secure fit, the release says.

With both a sleeve and wrap option, the FreeSport™ brace aims to provide another level of customization for patients.

The sleeve, a standard right/left brace, is designed to accommodate patients with a more narrow leg and the wrap can be worn on either the left or right leg. The wrap is intended to accommodate patients with broader or muscular legs.

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[Source: Breg, Inc.]