Denver-based MuscleSound announces the launch of MuscleHealth assessment cycles, created to offer MuscleSound providers a step-by-step guide to help users reach their individual goals through a series of continuous scan sessions.

The scan sessions provide real-time results as well as recommendations on when to re-check users’ progress.

The new assessment cycles are created for each end user’s individual goals, whether it’s readiness, rehab and recovery, body composition, nutrition, muscle size, data collection, or event preparation. Additionally, each assessment is tailored to fit the needs of various segments that use MuscleSound, according to a media release from MuscleSound.

“With the new MuscleSound assessment cycles we can streamline the process for our providers and make it easier for them to deliver insight into their customers’ overall MuscleHealth, which offers them the most value based on real-time data,” says Andy Jackson, president and CEO of MuscleSound, in the release.

[Source: MuscleSound]