Therapeutic Articulations LLC, Spring City, Pa, introduces the Mobil-Aider, a portable measurement device designed to provide quantitative information to ensure that therapists are performing joint mobilization techniques correctly.
The device weighs 13 ounces and is designed to contour to five joints (shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle) to provide quantitative information about joint mobility without deviating from standardized manual techniques. The display provides maximal (mode A) and real-time (mode B) measures in millimeters of motion to aid therapists.

Two Mobil-Aider kits are available:

The Knee Kit includes a Mobil-Aider device, two snap-on knee attachments, Classic Lachman, Prone Lachman, and two stabilizing attachments.

The Deluxe Kit includes the Mobil-Aider device as well as seven attachments for the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, and ankle.

The device was funded by a National Science Foundation Grant and is FDA approved as a class 1 exempt device. The patent is currently pending, according to the company.

For more information, including videos and whitepapers, visit Therapeutic Articulations LLC.

A clinical report that details the science and research behind the Mobil-Aider is available.

[Source: Therapeutic Articulations LLC]