The newly launched app Theryon is designed to allow patients to book physical therapy appointments on demand.

The app enables the booking of an in-home or in-office physical therapy visit in as little as 3 hours. A flat-rate fee covers the therapy visit itself, as well as the therapist’s travel costs, and payment is made securely via the app so that no money changes hands, explains a media release from Theryon.

“Theryon offers people the ultimate user-friendly way to directly access top physical therapists, the ability to be seen wherever is most convenient for them, and an overall great therapy experience,” says Yitzchok Kolodny, DPT, co-founder and chief executive officer, in the release.

For physical therapists, the app enables them to reach an expanded network of potential clients, enter patient notes, and receive payment within 2 days.

Theryon operates out-of-network for insurance carriers. However, patients are provided with itemization of the services provided so that it may be submitted to a patient’s insurance carrier for reimbursement if out-of-network benefits are included, per the release.

The app, available for iOS and Android devices, currently operates only in Manhattan, but will soon expand its services to all of New York City and the surrounding areas.

[Source(s): Theryon, PRWeb]