MbientLab introduces MIOTherapy (MIO), a wearable technology platform designed to integrate traditional physical therapy with smart sensors, therapeutic exercises, games, and 3D visualization technology to personalize and improve outpatient rehabilitation and accelerate recovery.

Using sensors that can be attached to any body part using stickers or flexible straps, physical therapists can measure, collect, and record all motion from a specific body area to obtain insights about a patient’s range of motion and measurable progress through their exercise program.

The sensors also measure, analyze, and store a patient’s physical therapy data in the cloud for easy access and analysis via the MIO App. In addition, via real-time 3D visualization, MIO provides an exact picture of what the patient is doing at any moment, and can be used in-office or via a telehealth platform with clinical oversight, the release explains.

“We are excited to offer physical and occupational therapists a wearable technology platform that improves patient and provider engagement, and ultimately supports better results and a quicker recovery time for patients,” says Laura Kassovic, co-founder and CEO of San Francisco-based MbientLab, in the release.

“Serving as their virtual assistant, MIO will help physical therapists rethink how they provide physical therapy and work to heal their patients so they can get back to doing the things they enjoy.”

[Source: MbientLab, Business Wire]