Lifestyle health and exercise brand Excy (short for EXercise CYcling) launches new instructional videos, as well as an interval workout, on the Excy Mobile Coach app, the companion app for the Excy portable stationary full body cycling system.

The Excy full body cycling system weighs 14 pounds and folds easily for storage and transport. It features 2 to 70 pounds of bidirectional resistance and a patented approach that prevents scooting.

The instructional videos on the Excy Mobile Coach app demonstrate how to ride the Excy properly as a recumbent exercise bike, upper body ergometer, unicycle, and range of motion device throughout the rehabilitation lifecycle.

The new physical therapy-specific videos include nine leg cycling positions and 12 upper body ergonomic positions. These tutorials cover light movement after surgery all the way through advanced training post rehabilitation to build strength and endurance, according to Excy in a media release.

The “Backwards and Forwards” interval workout is aimed at helping to train opposing muscles and for cognitive cycling. Users are challenged to set their duration and intervals for pedaling forwards or backwards, and the Excy app changes colors and vibrates to prompt a change in direction as a fun way to incorporate exercise and a brain training workout.

Development of the interval workout was inspired by a 17-year-old man who had a stroke in utero, as part of his occupational therapy, per the release.

“There are countless apps for on-demand services from transportation, to finding a nanny, to ordering groceries, but getting the benefits of quality physical therapy equipment has required us to be in a certain place at a certain time,” says founder and CEO Michele Mehl who created Excy after feeling the negative health implications of sitting at a desk too long, breaking her leg with life-long complications, and not having time to exercise.

“So often, an injury or diagnosis is the falling off point for our health and ends up leading to less movement and longer-term health complications. The more we can eliminate these hurdles, the better the health outcomes will be,” she adds.

The free Excy Mobile App is available in Google Play and iTunes. The new Excy Smartphone Holder is available on Amazon.

[Source(s): Excy, PRWeb]