FocusMotion introduces the Preview app, which is designed to help users track their motion and workouts by allowing access to the company’s entire tracking platform.

The algorithm in the Preview app tracks more than 50 of the most popular bodyweight, dumbbell, barbell, and cable-based exercises, and provides feedback on rep speed, range of motion, and consistency, according to a media release by the company.

Automatic workout tracking is achieved via any of the Preview app’s five methods: QUANT, FREESTYLE+, FREESTYLE FLOW, CREATOR, or ACTIVITY+.

“By allowing easy access to all of our technology, it provides a showcase for what is possible. We aim to spark conversation and educate people on the frontier of motion recognition,” explains Cavan Canavan, co-founder and CEO of FocusMotion, in the release.

“It’s not enough to target steps and sleep. We should be applying this technology to prevent workplace injury, speed up physical therapy recovery, and even monitor police use of force. People don’t realize how powerful wearable devices are because all they’ve seen is steps for the last 10 years,” Canavan adds.

The Preview app is available for the Pebble and coming soon for the Apple Watch, per the release. For more information, visit FocusMotion.

[Source(s): FocusMotion, Business Wire]