Omron Healthcare Inc introduces the Omron Avail, an over-the-counter TENS device engineered with wireless and dual-channel capability to help provide relief from chronic and acute pain.

The device is controlled by Omron’s mobile app Omron TENS, enabling remote operation via Bluetooth.

The Omron Avail features two soft, contoured pads designed to fit comfortably and securely to the painful areas. Five Body Pain Modes are preprogrammed into the device to help provide soothing relief to the lower back, shoulder, knee, elbow, and leg via recommended therapies.

The device also features five additional pulsation modes—steady, acupuncture-like, knead, tap, and microcurrent—and 20 different intensity levels, allowing users to design their own therapies.

“Pain sufferers are already inconvenienced by their condition. Omron created Avail with wireless capability to restore their freedom of movement while they get pain relief,” says Carol Lucarelli, director of marketing and product development for Omron Healthcare Inc, in a media release. “And with two separately programmable TENS devices, the Omron Avail allows for customizable, multi-site treatment for individual aches and pains.”

[Source(s): Omron Healthcare Inc, PR Newswire]