Stuck In Bed Fitness, available through Stuck In Bed Fitness LLC, is a new fitness solution that can be positioned over a bed, wheelchair, chair, or recliner to provide users with limited mobility a wide range of therapeutic, rehabilitative exercises, and stretches.

The solution features resistance bands, hand and foot pedal for cardio, as well as cords offering different levels of resistance. Users can also hold one, two, or three cords in each hand in order to increase resistance. The site notes the solution is designed to target all muscle groups, assist users into and out of bed, and can be used from a recliner, wheelchair, or standing up.

The company’s website states that the product can benefit a variety of patients, including injured athletes, wounded warriors, patients with muscle atrophy, and individuals with disabilities.

The site emphasizes that the unit must be bolted into the ground, securely attached to bed or sitting securely on thresholds prior to use.

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Source: Stuck In Bed Fitness LLC