Advantage Medical markets the Game Ready Cervical-Thoracic Spine Wrap, featuring cold and compression therapy designed to address acute orthopedic injury and postop recovery. The Advantage Medical website notes that the product’s technology is built to deliver continuous cooling throughout integrated sections of wrap. The wrap’s technology and design target effective cryotherapy of the cervical and thoracic spine areas, trapezius, upper pectorals, and side of neck.

The product is also intended to enable targeted pneumatic compression for improved contouring, better surface contact, and more effective cooling while limiting circumferential compression and preventing constriction of the chest and spine. Its potential applications include overactivity injuries, spinal surgery, degenerative spine disorders, and immediate post-whiplash injuries, according to the site.

Additionally, the Game Ready Cervical-Thoracic Spine Wrap offers plastic supports and customizable insulation for the ears engineered to ensure optimized cooling of the neck while maintaining patient safety.

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[Source: Advantage Medical]