A brace available through AliMed, Dedham, Mass, is engineered to grasp objects for users, allowing damaged tissue to rest and heal. The company’s website notes that the Helpful Hand Brace features support systems that pull the thumb and first two fingers together into a functional position while a sturdy strap adjusts to hold many everyday objects.

Three models are available. Neoprene Support is made to offer mild to moderate support with long-lasting compression, warmth, and comfort. Wrist Support is designed to offer moderate to maximum support.

The product also features an extra-large thumb hole that provides freedom of movement at the bast of thumb. Its adjustable metal wrist stay is built to accommodate most recommended wrist positions. Stockinet lining keeps hands warm and dry, while extra padding aims to maximize comfort and protection.

For more information, visit www.alimed.com

[Source: AliMed]