Elev8d Fitness is based on core movements that compel a full range of motion and help align the body. According to its co-founder, Pete Egoscue, bodies could be better off re-aligning rather than stretching to decrease pain and stiffness.

“There’s more to it than just putting your shoulders back and sitting up straight. We’re talking about a daily practice of micro-movements and mini workouts that activate the key muscles, set your body into alignment, and, most importantly, increase your range of motion,” he explains, in a media release.

“Instead of stretching a tight muscle, we’d rather ask why is the muscle tight? Sure, stretching may help relieve that tightness temporarily. But needing to stretch is actually a sign you have limited range of motion.”

Elev8d Fitness Director Brian Bradley explains further, noting that when the core is activated, it tells the lower back to relax. When the hip flexors are engaged, it lets the glutes and hamstrings off the hook. But if the hips are out of alignment, it leaves the core and hip flexors sleeping, initiating a chain reaction: other muscles pick up the slack and peripheral muscles tighten.

“Tight muscles are essentially doing what the non-activated muscle group should be doing,” he says.

“Elev8d exercises go after balancing mechanics, which allow your body to become driven by, say, the hips, which are a load-bearing joint, rather than driven by the peripheral, tight muscles,” Bradley adds. “When you bend to touch your toes, it’s not your hamstrings that are keeping you from getting there; it’s the lack of pelvic movement.”

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[Source: Elev8d Fitness]