Penumbra’s new solution for stroke recovery, the REAL Immersive System (REAL System), is now using a custom-designed VIVE Focus head-mounted display from HTC VIVE to help patients recover from stroke and other neurological injury, HTC VIVE notes in a media release.

Created by Penumbra, and using VIVE virtual reality (VR) technology, the REAL System places patients into an animated world with therapeutic experiences designed to increase neuroplasticity through patient engagement and retention.

“When it comes to patients who have suffered neurological injury, there are very real barriers to overcome in the rehabilitation process,” said Dan O’Brien, HTC Global Head of Enterprise, in the release. “We’re excited the VIVE Focus can help by providing the power and portability for clinicians to treat patients outside of traditional settings with the REAL System.”

The REAL System is a portable VR rehabilitation solution for upper-extremity rehabilitation that can be used at the patient’s bedside, in a therapy gym, or in a mobile health location. The three main components of the system include the VIVE Focus headset, a set of six sensors, and a tablet with the TherapyView app that allows the clinician to administer and monitor the therapy session.

Upon powering on, the patient is immediately immersed in VR, engaging in visual and physical challenges guided by their therapist. Body sensors are attached with soft neoprene bands, and in less than two minutes of set-up time, the patient is working in a virtual world with their full-presence avatar. The therapist can see what the patient sees on an included tablet interface, which the therapist uses to select various activities, adjust activity parameters, and monitor the patient’s experience at the tap of a button.

Data from the patient’s movement and accomplishments is securely saved so that documentation is easy to produce, and long-term trending can guide the patient’s recovery.

Vive Focus features high-resolution dual 3K AMOLED screens and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor that enables patients to enjoy real-time feedback and interaction with Penumbra’s content, while the wireless headset ensures patients can move freely.

Penumbra worked closely with HTC to customize the headset specifically for rehabilitation patients, ensuring that it had the proper weight, fit and comfort, per the release.

[Source(s): HTC VIVE, PR Newswire]