Portland, Ore-based MedRock introduces HotRock, an FDA-exempt foam roller designed to deliver more than 1600F of intense heat therapy to help ease sore and injured muscles and reduce pain.

Developed by Dr Tony Rocklin, orthopedic and sports physical therapist veteran and founder of MedRock, HotRock utilizes heat and myofascial release therapies to help improve mobility, decrease pain and soreness, and increase relaxation and flexibility. By applying heat directly to the body, HotRock allows people to benefit from thermotherapy in their own home whenever they need, according to the company.

Unlike microwave-heated rollers that can lose heat and cannot be regulated by the user, HotRock is a plug-in device that can heat up and maintain its selected temperature in less than 4 minutes, the company adds.

For more information, visit MedRock and Indiegogo.

[Source: MedRock]