An intelligent fitness training app launched recently by Volt Athletics gives athletes access to elite-level sports training programs that can be configured to their individual needs.

The app’s proprietary technology builds the athlete’s year-long training program based on information provided by the athlete. In addition, the app’s training algorithms adapt and grow with each athlete, prescribing sport-specific workouts as the fitness program progresses.

These individualized workouts include specific instructions; sets, reps, and prescribed weights; technique demonstrations; warm-ups; targeted injury-prevention routines; and detailed metrics to track each athlete’s progress, according to a media release from Volt Athletics.

“Volt’s mission is to provide all athletes with affordable access to elite-level strength and conditioning,” says Dan Giuliani, co-founder and CEO of Volt Athletics, in the release.

“The best athletes train on a strategic plan; they don’t do random workouts. Volt’s intelligent training engine tells you exactly what to do in the weight room, how to do it, and when to do it. It’s not random—it’s the right workout for you, every time,” he adds.

For more information, visit Volt Athletics.

[Source(s): Volt Athletics, PR Newswire]