Cryotech Nordic (CTN) launches its 100% electrically powered whole body cryotherapy device, the e°CABIN – offering reportedly the first device on the market that operates with regular electricity and has automated and intelligent functions for ultimate safety and performance.

The e°CABIN technology is based on commercial-grade freezing components and the latest environmentally safe and sustainable coolants and materials. This new greener technology saves up to 90% in electricity consumption, requires no additional infrastructure, and is substantially more efficient and safer than existing technologies. The completely automated treatment process with intelligent, real-time temperature monitoring and optimization ensures easy and safe operation with unprecedented treatment results.

“We are excited to have launched the first fully electric whole body cryotherapy and recovery machine that focuses solely on the individual’s skin temperature,” says Jean-Patrick Martins, Co-Founder at CTN. “This eliminates the guesswork and provides accurate results every time to each person uniquely, enhancing their well-being and recovery within minutes.”

Features and benefits of the e°CABIN include:

  • Automated and real-time monitoring of skin temperature for complete safety and perfect treatment results every time.
  • Radically lower operating costs with energy-efficient components powered by standard single-phase electricity
  • Minimal installation is required with no cryogenic gases or special ventilation needed.
  • Different immersive experiences are available with customized video and soundscape.
  • Training and online tutorials are readily available for efficient end-user support.

The e°CABIN launched in March 2022 and is now available for order.

[Source(s): Cryotech Nordic, PRWeb]

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