Reactive Training announces the consumer launch of the Core-Tex Reactive Trainer, designed to be portable, versatile, and to complement any home gym setup to enable consumers to train in 3D, just like elite athletes and pro sports teams.

“It’s like Christmas for your hips. The mobility aspect of Core-Tex is its secret weapon that so many of us are in need of to gain strength, flexibility and function pain-free.

“Our hips are a foundation to our bodies and the Reactive Trainer trains hip, spine and lower back mobility to help prevent injury, improve sports performance and most important, help people move better, feel better and perform better.”

— Core-Tex inventor Anthony Carey

“Core-Tex hits the muscles and joints with angles and movements like nothing else can. You’ll find those ‘mini’ muscles and motions that not only set the foundation for big gains in strength, power and definition, but also help you move better.”

— Brian Ngyuen ATC, CSCS, NASM Master Instructor and trainer to Mark Wahlberg and multiple NFL players

The 30-inch Core-Tex platform features a unique patented design that allows the dish to move along three ball transfers, creating a simultaneous tilt, slide and unrestricted rotation environment of reactive variability that continually challenges the muscles in new ways while naturally avoiding injury-producing repetitive movements. In addition, more than 100 exercise options and video education are available.

[Source: SMACK! Media]