WorkWell, the experts in preventing and treating sprains, strains, and back pain, launches MSK Strategy and Consulting Services, new services that help organizations realize exceptional business value from MSK programs.

“MSK disorders are the costliest and most common workplace injuries, and every organization has its own unique MSK health needs. Developing the right MSK strategy requires highly experienced MSK experts to create a custom program for their workers’ distinct needs,” said Karil Reibold, Chief Executive Officer at WorkWell. “We have found that organizations that don’t have a strategy have higher injury rates, more lost productivity, and have a more difficult time retaining employees. Our deep MSK knowledge base and extensive expertise in designing and managing occupational health programs uniquely enable us to develop the most comprehensive and actionable plans to help mitigate the risks caused by MSK injuries.”

WorkWell’s MSK Strategy and Consulting Services expert advisory team help Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), Human Resources, and Risk Management staff develop strategic and actionable plans to reduce workplace injuries, treat employees, and help create a sense of wellness within an organization’s safety culture. As a result, organizations reduce onsite injuries, gain lost productivity, tackle hiring and retention challenges, and reduce escalating medical and workers’ compensation costs.

About WorkWell

WorkWell helps organizations prevent and treat sprains, strains, and back pain by delivering comprehensive and scalable musculoskeletal health programs as part of their overall safety and wellness programs. We partner with employers to keep employees safe, healthy, and productive by identifying workplace risks, implementing early intervention and proactive ergonomics, providing employee testing and treatment, and ensuring safety compliance. Our prevention, treatment, and training programs are delivered by our network of 10,000 credentialed physical therapists who are experts at delivering all aspects of a comprehensive musculoskeletal wellness program.

[Source(s): WorkWell Prevention and Care, PR Newswire]

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